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Posted by ActiliaBics 2017-09-25 04:18:12

Best time to prune Spruce?

     I want to trim the tops of some sparce looking spruce tree to promote a fuller tree. I have done this before with good results. I just wonder how much is o.k. and when is the best time to do this? Thankyou
Posted by Lorelie Miller 2013-07-30 00:20:34
The best time to prune is in late Winter when the tree has been dormant for some time. The less you take the better it is for the balance between the nutrient absorbing roots and the sun soaking foliage. As a precaution, I would not take more than 25% of the green foliage and let the tree recover over a period of two growing seasons before performing more major pruning. This amount can vary depending on species, age, and health of the tree. All dead branches can be removed. When pruning live branches, it is best practice to cut just above a bud to promote new growth for the next growing season. Plus, administering a slow release fertilizer for evergreens and frequent watering will encourage a healthy fuller tree and lessen the effects of pruning shock.

Posted by Paul Armintrout


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