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How to take care of Potted Trees

When the Stock Arrives

    When unloading plants, try to handle the trees by the pot only. If necessary you may handle the base of the trunk while also holding the bottom of the pot. If you lift trees by the top they may pull out of the container.
    Due to the bouncing and vibrations during transit sometimes the tree will be lose in the pot. When this happens, while holding the tree vertical pack down the soil in the pot to give more support to the tree. Water in the trees right away. Water the plants until the water runs out of the bottom holes. Also water trees after they are straightened to help pack the soil. If pots are frozen, water them as soon as they thaw.
    Untie the trees as soon as possible. Leaving the plants tied will cause the needles to turn yellow and can make the plant unsalable. It will take several days for the branches to open out and give the normal appearance of the tree. Do not force frozen branches open, they will break.
    Try to store and display the trees in a shady area. Plants that are in the sun and on hot surfaces will require more frequent watering. Keep in mind that the hot temperatures will increase your mortality. Space the plants so that the branches do not touch. This will allow air and light to the sides of the trees. Branches that touch will over time drop their needles. The higher the temperature the quicker the damage will occur.

How to Water Potted Trees

    The roots of these plants should not be allowed to completely dry out. Keep a close watch on how damp the soil is. Feel the soil below the surface to see if it is moist. When watering, apply sufficient quantity to allow the water to run out the drain hoes at the bottom of the container. Do not over water. Too much water can kill the tree by drowning the roots. Allow time for the soil to dry a little in-between watering's. Feel free to water the foliage, especially if wilting is occurring. Try to let the foliage dry before night fall to lessen diseases.

How to Plant Potted Trees

    Dig your hole at least 1 and a half times the width of the container and only as deep as the soil ball. Having loose soil around the soil ball will encourage the roots to reach out. Set the tree in the hole before you remove the pot. After you are satisfied with the way it looks remove the pot. For plastic pots, cut the sides of the pot in at least four places. Open and removed the plastic away from the soil ball. Do this in the hole when possible. Cut the pot, never try to pull the tree out of the pot. Keep the soil intact. Fiber pots can be planted and will decay over time. You will have to cut off the part that is above ground. You should also slit the sides of the pot. After the hole is back filled, water the area so that all the air pockets settle.

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