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Events for 2014

Here are some of the events Armintrout's will be attending in 2014

January 13-15, 2014 CENTS "Central Environmental Nursery Trade Show"

    Located at Greater Columbus Convention Center, 400 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
Visit CENTS's website for more details WWW.CENTSMARKETPLACE.COM

January 8-10, 2014 MANTS "Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show"

    Located at Baltimore Convention Center, One West Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.
MANTSĀ® is the premier, private green industry marketplace for finding plants and nursery stock, landscape and garden items, heavy and light duty equipment, tools, furniture and hundreds of other allied industry products. Companies exhibit and industry members attend because they know that MANTS is the place to buy, shop, meet, see, be and be seen every January. MANTS is one of the largest private trade shows serving the Horticulture Industry which is why industry members say that MANTS means business! Visit MANTS's website for more details WWW.MANTS.COM

January 6-8, 2014 GLTE "Great Lakes Trade Exposition"

    Located at DeVos Place, 303 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503.
The GLTE is a regional show with a home town feel. Visit our community of over 250 firms in 400 booths exhibiting products and services designed to save you money, increase your sales, and make your business more profitable. Visit GLTE's website for more details WWW.GLTE.ORG

Events for 2013

Here are some of the events Armintrout's will be attending in 2013

9-19-2013 Great Lakes Autumn Expo
    Hosted by Landscape Supply Inc. in Taylor, Michigan. The event will consist of tours of the nursery, education with recertification credits, a trade show featuring new products, the latest technology, and knowledgeable reps, equipment demonstrations, and MNLA's semi-annual industry research auction. Visit MNLA's website for more details WWW.MNLA.ORG

SWMLA Arbor Day Celebration

    The Southwest Michigan Landscape Association (SWMLA) once again celebrated Arbor Day with a tree planting at Fort Custer National Cemetery in Augusta, Michigan. This was the seventh year Arbor Day has been celebrated at the cemetery by planting a tree in memory of all who have served and are buried there. The planting took place on Friday, April 26th, 2013 and all SWMLA members were encouraged to attend this traditional event.

    Attending the ceremony were representatives from Armintrout's Nursery, De Young Landscape Service, Portage Great Scapes, Forget-Me-Not Landscape and Nursery, John Post Landscape Service, Murray Landscaping LLC, Gull Lake Landscape Company, and the Michigan Army National Guard.

    This year's tree was provided by Armintrout's Nursery and is dedicated to Captain Diana Sluhan, formerly of the 126th Cavalry from Fort Custer.

    Bruce Snyder of Gull Lake Landscape Company officiated the Arbor Day Proclamation. The Southwest Michigan Landscaped Association sends a very special thank you to Bruce for coordinating the event!

2012 Season Summary

Happy Spring Everyone,

    Well this spring has been a little out of the norm! With two weeks of around 80 degree temperatures in MARCH and lingering fear of frost damage into May, our industry has been kept on our toes. Even in the light of all this excitement Armintrout's Nursery has had a great spring 2012. We say thank you to all our customers who saw the writing on the walls and placed their orders early. This early anticipation gave us the ability to gear up and get our trees dug and ready for shipment sooner than normal. As expected, the new growth has appeared early this year putting our spring digging to a halt. On the positive side we are anticipating the new growth should begin to harden sometime early July allowing us to resume digging a little earlier than usual and continue through the rest of the year. I hope everyone enjoys a prosperous spring and summer. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or quotes.

Jeremiah Boerman

Featured Product


    Baby Blues are an outstanding strain of Colorado Blue Spruce. They are comparable to the best clones of that species. Every tree has a strong blue tone, and needles arranged in a full round pattern. They are typically strong, symmetrical growers. Like all Colorado Spruce, Baby Blues do best in full sun, on well drained soil with good air flow around them. Avoid planting in the shade or in wet sites. If planting in heavy soil, they will benefit if the ground is mounded or bermed to provide more drainage. The heavier, wetter the ground the more essential it is to mound them. Baby Blues make excellent specimen trees. They are stately and look best as individuals or with other Baby Blues, rather than used as a mixture with other evergreens, even other Colorado Spruce. They grow in hardiness zones 2-8, are long lived, and typically grow 10" to 15"+ per year.

Trimming Pine (Pinus)

    If form of tree is desired outside of natural growth you will want to trim late June to mid-July while new growth is still soft to promote good bud set.

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