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    Established in 1935, Armintrout's Nursery is a wholesale grower specializing in spruce, fir and pine. The nursery is located in the ideal growing area of South-West Michigan's snow belt. The proximity to Lake Michigan moderates the climate. Most winters, the ample snow cover keeps the ground from freezing. Sheltered from the harsh extremes, the trees thrive.

    Armintrout's Nursery is a leading supplier of landscape sized evergreens, mostly in the 5' - 14' size range. A variety of equipment is available to harvest the trees. Six different tree spades may be used. Their sizes are 28", 33", 38", 48", 54", and 60". Our balled and burlapped trees are packaged with double, rot proof burlaps, wire baskets and our unique double tying system. We can arrange shipping to your area, either by flatbed or van. Cost savings can be achieved for customers who can receive their trees in a van. We have three portable docks to facilitate loading vans in the field. Located halfway between Chicago and Detroit, Armintrout's ship truckloads throughout the greater Midwest, including Ontario, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. Truckloads are also sold to the East Coast and Colorado every year, or to wherever our customers want.

    Armintrout's also supplies field potted evergreens for the Garden Center and landscape trade. These are sold in plantable, fiber pots. The 4' and 5' trees have a wire basket around the pot, to facilitate handling. Also, container established trees, in plastic pots, are available. These have been grown on and established in the containers for one year. Spruce, fir, and pine make great ornamentals. The ones that we grow are beautiful as single specimens, look great in groupings, or can be used as screens and windbreaks.

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